Auto Repair Shops Insurance

An Auto Repair insurance adds liability insurance to their business liability coverage. This insurance protects the property damage and bodily damage while operating at the workplace. This is unique from all as these coverages are not come under in any other commercial business insurance. Primarily this insurance gives general liability insurance, third party bodily damage, and theft of the machinery and vehicles in the workplace. Before buying insurance, you need to verify that it does not replace your basic business liability coverage. Coverage of the injuries to the customers while on the while workplace up to the chosen limits of the policy. Mostly these insurances include the coverage for the dishonesty of an employee to a customer’s car. An added premium can add any auto used in conducting the business. Coverages for the damages occurred due to faulty parts sold by the company and loss from faulty parts installed in the client’s car.

A picture of a guy working on auto repair shop
A photo of the owner of an auto repair shop

Auto repair shops face some certain risks while fixing their customers’ cars. These risks are like slips and falls, workers' illness and injury, faulty parts, and workmanships, a fire, bad weather, vandalism and theft, damage to a customer’s car in your care, employee theft or crime, business interruption. All these risks require protection to meet with the loss. If you are an owner of an Auto Repair shop or operating it, you can face all these risks. So you need protection to make a cover on all these risks. To protect your livelihood. To meet with all these risks you need to have a variety of insurance policies. You can get a package of different coverages. But it depends upon your business requirements which coverages your business requires for. For this clarification and details of this insurance, you can contact Business Insurance Brokers and can also visit on

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